Swimming at Cull Canyon :)

Going over to the Nordell house to do some major yardwork. Chainsaw time! :)

Back in sunny California. Supposed to be a high of 95°F today here in Antioch. May be pooltime later after getting some good work done.

Heading down from Ashland back to the Bay Area.

RT @KidsRainforest: Remembering Rachel Crandell who passed on Sept 7, 2009: http://bit.ly/eRhLY

Gabriel <3 grep

Driving down to Ashland from Seattle. Yay for mobile Internet. Work continues.

Me to server: Server, connect to the resolvers. Server: I…have no resolvers. Me: Fessig — rip its arms off. Server: Ohhh THESE resolvers!

Enjoying some cool Pacific northwest weather and getting to work.

Time for a drive up the coast. :)